Sunday, July 15, 2007

101 Things About ME!!

  1. I am a Siberian Husky
  2. I am a purebred
  3. My AKC registered name is Karamad's One Dusty Guy
  4. I was born at Karamad Siberians
  5. My momma is Karamad's Sentimental Journey
  6. She goes by Journey
  7. My dad's name is Smokey
  8. He's not on the interweb
  9. I was born September 15, 2002
  10. I came here when I was 11 weeks old
  11. Shone, Tundra and Omani already lived here
  12. I am not a rescue
  13. Da momma and Da dad actually bought me
  14. No, I did not come from Saks Fifth Avenue
  15. I was a dominant pup
  16. I played hard
  17. I bit lots
  18. Even drew blood on Da momma
  19. Many times
  20. I am not the boss here
  21. I learned that quick
  22. Meanie Shonee got after me the second day I was here
  23. She left a scar
  24. I learned to leave her ball alone
  25. I still don't like her
  26. I tore up all her toys
  27. I still like to tear up toys
  28. But I leave Whiskey's alone
  29. Meanie Shonee let me live with them until I was 3
  30. Then we got into death fights
  31. I wanted her dead
  32. She wanted me dead
  33. Da momma and Da dad put me in my own pen
  34. I came in the house when Meanie Shonee wasn't in there
  35. During the time that I was penned alone I did lots of tests
  36. The hoomans needed to make sure I wasn't mean
  37. I'm not
  38. I went to obedience school
  39. All by myself
  40. With my own teacher
  41. At first there was no other dogs
  42. Then there were lots
  43. I graduated
  44. In time, after the tests and school, Whiskey came to visit
  45. I loved Whiskey
  46. She never left, she's still here
  47. That was almost 2 years ago
  48. I helped teach Whiskey that it's okay to like humans
  49. Da sister says I was a good teacher
  50. Now, sometimes, I get to help via the interweb with Da sister's classroom
  51. Da sister is a teacher
  52. I don't do toys
  53. Except to de-fluff them
  54. And rip their heads off
  55. But because Whiskey is here for rehab, I don't touch her toys
  56. Because she needs them, I don't
  57. I do like bones
  58. Whiskey doesn't touch my bones
  59. I live for foods
  60. Any kind of foods
  61. Especially cookies
  62. I have Da momma trained
  63. She gives me cookies when I want them
  64. I had to go on a diet because Da momma gave me too many cookies
  65. I don't like diets
  66. I lost weight
  67. I thought I was shrinking
  68. I wasn't
  69. I eat olives
  70. right from the trees
  71. I live in the country
  72. With Whiskey in my pen
  73. We come into the house every other day/night for 24 hours.
  74. We have a small pen out back
  75. it's away from Meanie Shonee's pack
  76. The small pen is attached to the house
  77. We use it to play and potty on our times in the house
  78. I don't have to sleep in the crate
  79. Because I am good boy
  80. and I gave up eating the talking box remote thingies
  81. I either sleep on the hooman bed
  82. Or on the sofa
  83. Or on the floor next to Whiskey's crate
  84. I am not allowed to use my teeth on hoomans
  85. Unless Da momma tells me 'bitey'
  86. That means I can use my teeth
  87. 'Easy bitey' means we're playing wrestle
  88. I like to play wrestle
  89. Da sister taught me play wrestle
  90. She's the best to play wrestle with
  91. I have never run in harness
  92. I have never run the Great Race
  93. In all honesty, I don't like to run too much
  94. Except to chase cats
  95. I have killed cats
  96. I didn't mean too
  97. They are too fragile
  98. I like to lay in front of the air conditioner
  99. and eat Otter Pops in the summer
  100. I like Whiskey
  101. But I love Meeshka